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The world needs more skijorers!

Last week, SKIJOR USA spoke to an ESPN reporter
with deep family ties to Wyoming who is fascinated with how our sport combines the iconic cowboy lifestyle with the free-form ski culture.
ESPN recognizes that each group demands discipline and must master their own set of abilities, yet it is only on the Triple Cross Skijoring track where they are challenged to bring these together and work as a team to win.

What an extraordinary opportunity to show the world who we are!

Skijor USA is working non-stop to present and promote
the positive image and community spirit of our sport
all the while upholding the highest and most professional of standards.

We are proud to represent you, but
we are not the story, YOU ARE!

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Many of you may already be aware of the controversy surrounding the University of Wyoming's marketing slogan, "The world needs more cowboys."  

Despite protests from some professors, women's organizations
and Native American groups, the university has decided to proceed with the $1.4 million marketing campaign.

Their thought is that they wish to redefine the image of the cowboy by including more women and minorities in their campaign materials.  The cowboy culture is a "time-honored way of life and work", according to the executive VP of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, which does not discriminate against women or minorities, but in fact, welcome all into the fold; 
and we, at SJUSA, also honor that.

At Triple Cross Skijoring races, our riders are represented
by both sexes equally
and both men and women will go on to become champions.
Every year, more women join the ranks of our ski community.
Jill McNamaraTara HinesEmily Lewis and Brittany Leafe,
who tackled the Leadville Sport course
and is organizing the 2019 SJUSA point series race in
Gunnison, Colorado on February 16th & 17th,
represent dozens of female skiers who competed in 2018.

Races which include a Women's Division
have been key in encouraging the participation of female athletes,
and they should be commended.
~ Wisdom, MT ~ Hailey, ID ~ Big Sky, MT ~
~ Pinedale, WY ~ Sundance, WY ~
~  & 320 Ranch, MT ~
which, in 2018, awarded the Womens' Champions
Tiffany & Company Sterling silver necklaces with horseshoe charms! 

Our Champion horses
have also been both male and female,
and the current field is well represented by both sexes.

In Hailey, Idaho in 2017,
the first Hispanic, named Enrique Dolores, competed on skis
and many of our riders, such as Jorge CalzadillasRafael Bufando and Victor Villalobos are of Mexican heritage.

SKIJOR USA is building a relationship with an accomplished skier of color
who has expressed interest in competing in 2019.

We are fully committed to continuing to diversify our community.
We are a melting pot, there is no doubt,
(and an unusual one at that!) 
and hopefully, ESPN will produce the story so that the world
will soon understand even more about us and our sport! 
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SKIJOR USA held their 2nd Organizers' Summit
on July 17, 2018.
10 SJUSA Member Race Delegates were in attendance
and, in just one hour, much enthusiasm and valuable information was shared.
We believe this is the first time in skijoring history that such a
large and diverse group of organizers was assembled
so far in advance of our next season, if at all.

Thank you to all who attended
for taking the time out of your summer activities and obligations.

Our next Organizers' Summit is scheduled for
Monday, August 20th at 5:30 PM

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SKIJOR USA Corporate Council Members and Advisory Committee Members
are spending time this summer meeting with various individuals
throughout the skijoring community.

Trips to Gunnison and Pagosa Springs, Colorado are planned in July
as well as a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in August
to meet with

Tony Fox & Kitty LeDonne

and share more information on the past history and future of our sport.

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Josh Abbott

The last time we saw Josh Abbott and “Hunk of Burning Love”, 
stage name Elvis, they were pulling Mike Fries to achieve the fastest time, a 16.89, in the Open Division on Saturday in Leadville.  On Sunday, they beat this time with a 16.83.  Both days the team of Abbott, Elvis and Fries scored clean runs which, in Leadville, is an achievement in and of itself!

During the summer and fall months Elvis spends his time working for
Sage Peak Outfitters (SPO)
in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness of SW Montana. Things move at a little slower pace, but the days are longer. Elvis is paired with a Mule named Molly that is in love him (who wouldn't be in love with "The King of Rock and Roll"?).

Previously, Josh had been a full-time guide for SPO for five years, which was established in 1927. Their initial camp was established on a USFS lease that same year, and they still utilize the exact same location today.

Now fully-owned by Josh, Sage Peak Outfitters provides elk and deer hunts in the fall, as well as some late summer pack trips. Our own Mark LaRowe might be taking a photography/pack trip with Josh later in August,
but this is not the real news  . . . 

Josh asked Amanda Sandau to be his bride a few weeks ago, and she said YES! They will be getting married outside of Bozeman, MT next July.

Congratulations to Josh and Amanda on their engagement
and best of luck and much continued success with Sage Peak Outfitters!

Let's all support Josh & Amanda on their future endeavors!
Talk it up with your friends and direct them to:

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Joe Loveridge

Another event organizer, Joe Loveridge, of Skijoring Utah
is also affiliated with an outfitting company
called Rocky Mountain Outfitters
based in Midway.

The photograph at the very top of our newsletter was posted by Joe
recently on Facebook during his trip to Moran, Wyoming.
This is "purple mountain majesty" at its best!

To spread the word about Joe's company, go to:

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Carissa Dahl

Wedding bells are ringing!
Congratulations to Cris's brother who was recently married.
Jeff and Cris posted some awesome photos
from their Four Corners road trip
on their Harley Davidson
just prior to the wedding celebration.
"From 105 to 75"
(meaning degrees Fahrenheit) 
was the title of their post
as they traveled from desert to mountain.

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Brian Giordano

our West Yellowstone, MT National Championship Finals race organizer
also accomplished a personal milestone recently.
Eight years in the making, he pulled off the
24th Annual Beartooth Rally in Red Lodge, MT
which included the Iron Horse Rodeo & the Swoops Lil Monsters Truck Show

Looks like you had a ton of fun this weekend, Brian,
and that the event was a "screaming" success
as evidenced by the "burn out" at the end!

Keep the posts coming on Facebook,
share away!
and keep the likes coming on SKIJOR USA!

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In Colorado, fires are burning near Glenwood Springs, Fraser and Woodland Park, nine fires are burning across Utah and some closures are in effect in both Teton and Yellowstone National Parks due to extreme fire danger conditions.

Thank you to those who fight the fires, like our own James Otteman, as well as those who offer sanctuary to horses in these extreme fire danger conditions.  The individuals who were firing tracer bullets, igniting the fire near Basalt, Colorado are facing a charge of 4th degree arson and $1 million in restitution.

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Thank you for your ongoing votes of confidence!


Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Levi, Loren, Dana, Terry, Bruce, Clay and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photos courtesy of Joe Loveridge, Taylor Stocklein, Tina Mae Weber and Carissa Dahl
via Facebook and Josh Abbott