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With one event under our belt, SKIJOR USA
is racing towards the weekend with

January 19th & 20th

Despite low snow levels, the organizers of Skijor Butte
have utilized all of their local resources and hauled enough snow
to build an exciting track for this weekend's event which is part of Snoflinga.

to all of the contractors and their crew,
especially Jeffery Contracting, 
without whom this race would not be possible
to all of the competitors who are supporting the Butte race
and showing up to give it their all.
Some may earn points to qualify for the National Finals Championships
on March 9th & 10th in West Yellowstone, Montana.

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The Jackson Hole Skijoring Event 
was a great success!

The Jackson Hole News & Guide gave us high marks
and our national sponsors

Pit Viper Sunglasses
Honey Stinger
Tres Rios Silver

made the event even more special for the competitors and spectators who enjoyed the event on a spectacular sun-filled, fun-filled weekend!

Here is the link to the newspaper article:

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Steamboat Skijoring is gearing up to be a top notch race! 

Our team registration is now open for Steamboat Skijoring
on January 26th & 27th

Click on this link to sign up!

The website has been updated with plenty of new details on lodging, horse boarding, sponsorships, directions and charitable causes.

A representative from Veteran Barn Door Project is coming all the way
from Fort Myers, Florida to spread the word and raise funds for 
his amazing program which uses equine therapy to help 
veterans of war with PTSD and TBI's.

Mountain Valley Horse Rescue,
the only refuge for horses in Eagle and Routt Counties,
will also be a beneficiary of the Steamboat event.
We have enjoyed a long relationship with Shana Devins and her rescue
and are pleased to be offering support through skijoring once again!

Check out
for more details.
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Yes, Kremmling, Colorado is still on our calendar!
for February 2nd & 3rd

Race organizers and course builders are meeting with town representatives tomorrow to iron out the details of the event. 

It is the perfect complement to the Steamboat Springs race,
so plan for a double header,
Colorado and Wyoming riders and skiers.

A website and Facebook page will be up shortly.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A HEARTFELT THANK YOU ~
Skijor USA is impressed and humbled by the degree of support
our races are getting from fellow organizers
and competitors, both current and past.

The Jackson event was a prime example of how when people have a common goal and give selflessly of each another, that great things can happen.

Thank you to the Town of Jackson
and the various departments that coordinated their efforts for us.

Thank you to members of
Saratoga Skijoring, Rockin' MT Arena, Pinedale Skijoring & Skijoring Utah
who put in long hours and braved the bitter wind and early morning cold.

Thank you to the Jackson Hole Shrine Club
whose members manned the entry gate, sold beer and worked on the track.

Thank you to the many individuals who came forward lending their professional services from veterinary to announcing to equipment operations.

Thank you also to
"The Jackson Boys"
Aaron Cisco, Pete Karns & Joe Knoebe
who worked into the dark wearing head lamps to set gates and take a few runs down the course behind a snowmobile
making sure the course was safe for all levels.

As a result, we recruited a new set of Wyoming competitors
and raised money for a VERY worthy cause,
The Shrine Hospitals for Children.

Now THIS is what SKIJORING is ALL about! 

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Our newsletters and Facebook pages
continue to achieve high levels of engagement.

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates.
We welcome your continued feedback!

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Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Levi, Loren, Dana, Bruce, Clay, Josh and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photos courtesy of JH News & Guide.