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April 14, 2018

This week SKIJOR USA has made even more progress!

. . . and then there were FIVE!

Last week, Butte, Montana was announced for January 19th & 20th.
This week, we announced FOUR more races for 2019!
Helena, Montana
January 5th & 6th
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
January 12th & 13th
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
January 26th & 27th
Wisdom, Montana
February 23rd & 24th

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Last week, in addition to forming an Advisory Committee, which will be taking on some challenges as soon as next week, such as introducing the 4D format into our points system, improved course safety and an equine drug testing program, we welcomed Levi Downey to our team as Treasurer.  Levi is a professional in the insurance industry, with two decades of experience so is actively working to formulate a program that will meet our race's unique needs.

Loren Zhimanskova had the privilege of meeting with a top international marketing executive this past week through a colleague at the Yale Club of New York City.  This expert with more than 30 years experience spent 11 hours with Loren, (Yes, 11 hours!) discussing our sport from a marketing and sponsorship standpoint.  He has been involved in marketing and sponsorship at the highest corporate level and directly involved with sporting events such as NASCAR and PGA Golf.  Insights from that meeting were shared with the SJUSA Team at last night's Team meeting, and we are in a better position than ever to fulfill our commitment to you with this gentleman's ongoing support.

Our first Organizers' Summit was held on Tuesday, April 10th.  The conference call lasted two hours and 14 callers tuned in and participated in an open discussion regarding SJUSA's structure, benefits, mission and goals.

As races are added to our calendar, follow up Organizer Summit Meetings will be planned and announced to keep everyone informed and to continue the open forum platform that we have promised our community.

In time, Regional Meetings will be scheduled.  We plan for these to be round table discussions in central locations allowing for face-to-face interaction. Our 2019 calendar is filling up, and our regions are taking shape.

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We will schedule our first Associate Race Organizers' Meeting next week. 

There is great potential for many new races during the 2019 season, and Skijor USA's Team members have been investing significant time and effort in meetings helping these venues plan safe, well attended and successful events.  

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Our website continues to develop with the
sections taking shape.

Mark LaRowe, Paula Krugerud & Nina Galicheva's
images will be the first to be featured with many more to follow!

Please write to us at
with comments, concerns or observations so that we may share these in the YOUR VOICES section and address issues important to YOU.
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We are committed to delivering to the skijor community an organization that is


made up of a team of people who have the benefit of years of perspective and experience and who are excited to work together for a common cause.  
We look forward to building a community whose competitors are also committed to a path that is transparent, accountable and honorable.  

Please continue to visit the website and look for more announcements regarding SKIJOR USA.  Your input is very important to us.



Loren Zhimanskova
and The Team at SKIJOR USA