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December 23, 2018

The Team at Skijor USA
would like to wish everyone in our community a

Merry Christmas!

Have a safe and memorable holiday!

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"In order to produce 1 pound of honey,
2 million flowers must be visited,
and a hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles."

Skijor USA continues to work very hard to find corporate partnerships, 
we are now excited to announce two more National Sponsors!

Honey Stinger Energy Bars


Pit Viper Sunglasses

In 1954, Ralph and Luella Gamber developed the EN-R-G Bar as an alternative to the sugary candy bars available at the time, but the market was not quite ready for energy foods.  In 2002, EN-R-G Foods, Inc. was re-established as Honey Stinger with the same goal in mind: provide great tasting,
honey-based energy foods made with wholesome ingredients
which can provide quick energy for athletes!

Honey Stinger will be supporting our SJUSA athletes
who compete at our 10 local races as well as
our National Championship Finals this coming season
at special "re-fueling stations".


~ ~ ~ ~

Pit Viper was founded on a simple principle - sunglasses that can take a beating. In 2012, Chuck Mumford, the founder started working on a rugged product that could be shot, sat on, shoved in pockets, run over, and mostly maintain their sun and wind bucking ability.  Chuck then began painting the PV's to match his extreme lifestyle, and they looked damn good!

Pit Viper Sunglasses will be featured
at several of our 2019 SJUSA races this season
beginning at Jackson Hole Skijoring!

Check them out at:


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These two companies join

Tres Rios Silver
Gearhart Signature Homes

as SJUSA National Sponsors


Stay tuned for more sponsorship announcements as our
2019 season takes off!

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"Listen to the bees and let them guide you."

Brother Adam

Despite the rapidly approaching holiday,
Skijor USA's Corporate Council and Advisory Committee
met on Friday, December 21st.

We thank everyone for making time despite holiday parties, airport deadlines, cross country travel to be with family and other personal commitments!

Along with Skijor West's organizer, Brian Giordano,
the group discussed details of the 
SJUSA National Championship Finals, the 3D Format,
and the 2019 Point Series.

A consensus was reached and votes cast.
To clarify how the 2019 Race Series works, we are including a FAQs
tab on the Skijor USA website.

Click here for details:

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"You can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar."

Southern Bee

The National Championship Finals will be an opportunity for teams that have achieved a certain standing within their respective regions a chance
to vie for a National Title.
We have modeled our series after that of the PRCA,
but we are also offering MORE points at the finals to incentivize teams
that may be just a bit behind the leaders to give it their all!

The National Championship Finals
will award buckles, cash prizes and a Tiffany & Company trophy
to National Champions
in addition to awarding money and buckles to
Skijor West competitors
who race outside of the National Championship Finals series. 

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"When you shoot an arrow of truth, dip its point in honey."

Arab proverb

Skijor USA remains committed to 
keeping the community properly informed.
Our race websites and Face Book pages will be updated continuously.

When an article appears as it has recently in 
Mountain Outlaw Magazine,
we will do our best to correct misinformation
such as invalid race dates and errors as to organizational affiliations
due to unverified information posted on the internet.
The editor has promised to correct the digital edition as soon as possible.

Thank you, Jessianne Wright, for reporting on our sport.
Your article on pages 60-61 represents it accurately
and reflects the enthusiasm 
we all share as a community for its past, present and future!


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"Bees routinely buzz off up to three kilometers (almost two miles) from their hives. . . and then make a beeline back."

The Economist

Our SJUSA race series is poised to begin in Helena, Montana on
January 5 &6
despite low snow levels throughout the northern region.
Last Chance Skijoring: Race for the Gold
held a pre-party last Tuesday night.
Skijor Butte & Snoflinga
continue to prepare.
Both Helena & Butte are monitoring the weather patterns carefully
and will make an announcement next week as to whether
their races need to be rescheduled.

In the meantime, 
The Town of Jackson voted to hold the 2019 event,
Jackson Hole Skijoring,
at the Teton County Fairgrounds
on January 12 & 13
which stands to bring a lot more spectators to the race
and give us a chance to raise more money for 
The Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Northern Colorado is also getting plenty of snow and our race, 
Steamboat Skijoring,
January 25 & 26
at the Sherrod Ranch is looking good!

Saratoga Skijoring
is saddled up and rarin' to go!
Don't miss your chance to see
Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band
on Saturday, February 9th!

Skijor USA met with 
organizers in Pinedale, Wyoming
last week and everything is falling into place for
Skijoring at Pinedale's Winter Carnival
on February 17 & 18

Columbia Falls, Montana
continues to plan their event
at Blue Moon Nite Club, Bar, Casino & Grill
on President's Day weekend, February 16 & 17

More information will be posted about our races later in the season such as
Kremmling, Colorado
Midway, Utah,
Wisdom, Montana

West Yellowstone, Montana

Check out websites for
registration, race details &
local sponsorship acknowledgements!

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"Birds do it, bees do it. . .
Let's do it.  Let's fall in love."

Cole Porter

2018 has been a year of tying the knot for several members
of our skijoring community, and we congratulate these couples,
but let's not take it too far. . . 
If there is any more knot tying to do, it is at the end of a pulling rope,
and if there are any matches to be made,
now is the time to form teams, register for races
and nominate for points!

A Nomination Form will be posted mid-week for those
who wish to declare their teams and regions in advance of races.
Nominations will also be accepted at more race venues
during the season.  See our website for details.

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"If you want to gather honey, don't kick over the bee hive."

Abraham Lincoln

We, Skijor USA, an Alliance, are united as a community. 

An “alliance” is not an ”elite” body which dictates and governs by the few.  An “alliance” is a broad and active community of people which does not require “membership” rather, it advocates participation.  It thrives on fighting for the common good and seeking common ground.

By forming a national alliance, open and accessible to all organizers and competitors, past, present and future, our focus is on accountability and consistency, thus building a healthy and sustainable environment of trust and camaraderie in which equine skijoring can flourish. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Levi, Loren, Dana, Bruce, Clay, Josh and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photo courtesy of Skijor International, LLC.
Vintage postcard "Faire du ski est exquis!" or
Skiing is delightful!