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September 2, 2018


Our SJUSA Skijor Community is as diverse and talented as it comes!

Surely, while everyone is enjoying the last days of summer,
many of us are also celebrating the first signs of winter!
This past week,
Glacier National Park, Montana saw snow flurries
and Casper Mountain, Wyoming
saw up to 20 inches of snow.

So tune up those skis!
Let's all hope for a snowy 2019 Skijor Season!

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Brenna Kelleher
of Bozeman, Montana

and her friends are already perfecting their skills in Portillo, Chile
as part of "The Turn Project",
a sports and fitness instruction organization, formed less than a month ago!

Here is how they define their mission in their own words:

Dedicated to the turn. Every type of turn, made anywhere.
Events for snow sport enthusiasts in winter sport destinations!
The turn is unlike everything else. So, we crave it as much as anything else.
The exploration to make the turn more awesome is intoxicating and irresistible.
The Turn Project began as so many ideas in the ski industry do: like-minded athletes with a shared passion for snow covered mountains sitting around conversing over a beer. Curious, as to why the industry often isolates one type of skiing/riding, from another? It was agreed, any turn in the mountains is a good one. Inspirational alpine destinations are sought out for their adventure. Events designed by The Turn Project immerse a variety of snow sports athletes in the turn. Carved, hopped, bumped, slashed or kicked, all turns are created equal! Join The Turn Project for your next mountain adventure.

Check out, follow and like their Facebook Page
read about their first official trip to Kaprun, Austria
October 14-20, 2018

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Thank you Rocken Zen Rodeo
for sharing the news about

Keely Drummond
of Belt, Montana


who also traveled south of the border this summer to Costa Rica with her classmates under the guidance of her Spanish teacher.
Upon her return, Keely traveled the Montana rodeo circuit and attended Youth Trappers Camp in Havre where she learned to set beaver traps.
She also hung out with Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon and together they focused on teen suicide awareness.
Keely also lifeguarded, waitressed and showed two market lambs at the Cascade County 4-H Livestock Show.

Can you say, WOW!

Best of luck to Keely in her Junior Year.
You are an inspiration to us all, young lady!

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Many of our competitors have posted "back to school" photos of their children
and SJUSA wishes all of the youngsters within
our community the BEST of LUCK
in the 2018-2019
school year!

We hope to see you at our Triple Cross Skijoring races!
Stay tuned for more Youth Divisions!

Amber & Zach West
of Hereford, South Dakota

shared that their family continues to
uphold the tradition of riding to school on horseback with their children, 
Eastan and Jaycie.

Thank you for keeping this Western Cowboy Tradition alive!

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Archery season has begun in many of our
Triple Cross Skijoring
states like Montana, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming

Joe Loveridge
of Heber City, Utah
and Rocky Mountain Outfitters

is one of the first of many to post his enthusiasm
about the current season which began on
August 18th in Utah,
August 25th in Colorado,
September 1st in Montana

Take out your bows, get your mussleloaders ready,
Share you photos!

By the way,


Joe and Dolly Jo Loveridge


Jerry and Susan Kissell

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Skijor USA's Corporate Council Members
met with other key Team Members
on Friday, August 31st, 2018
in a strategy meeting.

In the meantime, SJUSA is working with an advertising/marketing firm in London and using proven models to grow our sport
effectively and responsibly. 

We hope to have exciting news for you shortly!

There are now 18 weeks, or 125 days, before our first race!

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Jesslyn "JJ" Swirka
of Fairplay, Colorado

is to be commended on her professional feats

As she puts it on Facebook:

"I never dreamed I'd grow up to be a
but here I am. . .

No doubt many of you can relate to this!

JJ recently adopted a horse named Roger,
saving him from slaughter.
She comments that he is "precious", "gentle", a "good boy"
and "proving that he is deserving of a 2nd chance".

For anyone wishing to donate to his care in a "high hay year" 
you can find Jesslyn on Facebook.

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For those of you living in Colorado,
please support
Mountain Valley Horse Rescue
in McCoy, Colorado

Shana Devins
of Eagle, Colorado

has been "fighting the good fight" to
help horses in desperate need of a home
since 2004,
and her organization is one of the only rescues on the Western Slope.

"Today, there are an estimated 170,000 unwanted horses across the nation, with 6,000 in Colorado alone. Of these, 120,000–130,000 horses are shipped to slaughter in Mexico and Canada every year, where they are processed for human consumption. In addition, each year the BLM rounds up 9,400 wild horses off of public lands, but only 1 in 3 find homes."

“Only if we understand can we care.

Only if we care will we help.

Only if we help shall they be saved.”

                                                                         Jane Goodall

Check out the MVHR website at
Visit their Facebook Page

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If you haven't seen the first season of Yellowstone,
the TV Series starring Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes,
it is now available on the Paramount Network, Amazon, Youtube
and other viewing platforms.

The music on the Soundtrack is also killer
with songs by Chris Stapleton, Whiskey Myers, Ryan Bingham, Maren Morris,
Joey Stylez, Bad Flamingo, The Trishas, Shaver and more. . .


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Photos courtesy of
Brenna Kelleher, 406 Woman Magazine, Rocken Zen Rodeo