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Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

In 1979, this disco single was recorded
by McFadden & Whitehead
and achieved #1 for a week on the R&B singles chart.
Contrary to popular belief, the lyrics are not about race,
but rather about the duo insisting on recording the song themselves
rather than handing it over to another group, The O'Jays.

Their persistence and confidence in themselves paid off
and made musical history. 

You may want to click on this YouTube video and listen along as you read.
We like the line at minute 6 seconds 28-32.


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The Jackson Hole Skijoring Event is ON!

The race will be run in the SkijorUSA-sanctioned 3D format.
Race fees will be $100.00/team for a full weekend
and $75.00 for a single day.
Awards and Prize Pot to be announced.
Jackson will also host a Youth Division at $25.00 per team/day,
paying day-money.

The track layout is a 650-foot gradual arc with a 450-foot straight run-out and continuing along another gentle arc.
The race will be held at the Teton County Fairgrounds,
located mere blocks from the historic town square, The Silver Dollar Saloon, and The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

Horse stalls and competitor parking are right on the grounds!
Stall fees are $20.00 night and you will have access to the indoor warm-up arena when it is not in use.
On-site camping with hook ups is also available for a fee.

The Virginian Hotel and Motel 6 (pets free and recently renovated) are offering rooms for less than $60.00/night.
The Friday night registration venue and Saturday night party location will be announced during the week.
This is a family-friendly event, with vendor tents, food and drinks.
A nominal gate fee will be charged and a portion of proceeds will benefit
The Shrine Hospitals for Children in Salt Lake City, Utah.
All participants are welcome.

Visit www.jacksonholeskijoring.org for registration and details.

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Skijor Butte is also a GO! 

The track is under construction and final touches are being made.
Sponsorships are still coming in which means added money is increasing daily!
In addition to the 3D SJUSA Points Race, Skijor Butte will offer a Novice and Youth Division on the straight track
(a snowboard division is still under review)
and a FREE Snowmobile Division will be run separately on a round track.

Buckles are ready to be awarded for riders & skiers
Fleece coolers will be awarded to horses and
Yeti Ramblers to Youth Division winners.
Murdoch's has generously donated all of the Youth prizes!

Best Western Butte Plaza Inn is offering competitors as special rate of $80.
It is a short 2.5 miles or 3 minutes from the track.
On site horse boarding is available.  Panels will be provided upon request.

The event is FREE to spectators as part of SnoFlinga.
Coolers are allowed.
Food, liquor and vendor tents will be on site as well.

Go to Skijor Butte's Facebook Page to find the link
to register on EventBrite,
or simply click on the Face Book page link below
and find the January 4th post.


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Last Chance Skijoring: Race for the Gold
in Helena, Montana is keeping a vigilant eye on the weather
and evaluating potential alternate dates.  Stay tuned for further updates.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ COOL BEANS ~
Skijor USA's Corporate Council and Advisory Committee Members
have voted unanimously to offer points to both
Central and Northern Teams
at the Jackson, Wyoming race.

This decision is based purely on the challenge that the weather has presented early in our season leading to postponements in our northern region.
This type of accommodation will be made on a case by case basis
and discussed with the race organizer in advance.

This provides an opportunity for competitors to begin earning points and not be penalized by conditions that are out of their control like Mother Nature.

We will be amending our 3D Format document
and adding a FAQS entry on our website to further clarify.

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It is time to nominate for points!
The cost is $30 per team for the 2019 season.
Skijor USA has an online registration form on our website.
Here is the link:


It is ALSO time to register for events!

Go to www.skijorusa.com and click on the race name!

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Skijor USA does not speak for other races or race organizers,
especially if they are not affiliated with our organization.

Moreover, we would never post anything without their permission and input.

We are simply asking that the same professional standard and conduct
be upheld throughout our community.

We will continue to uphold our commitment to make our races about having fun and staying safe and they will remain devoid of politics.

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Music at SJUSA Events

Looks like tickets for Chancey Williams Band in 
Saratoga, Wyoming
at Saratoga Skijoring are still available!
Better yet, Saratoga Skijoring is partnering with Saratoga Springs Hot Springs Resort in a silent auction just prior to the concert will raise funds for Carbon County, Wyoming Search and Rescue.
For those who haven't heard,
a party of four snowmobilers from South Dakota, one of whom was a 16-year-old boy, were lost in the wilderness over the Christmas holiday.  Carbon County, WY Search and Rescue found the group and got them all to safety.

Support Saratoga Skijoring whose event is serving to support
several essential local charitable causes!

Skijor USA now has a member who is a new resident of Saratoga!  
Loren is splitting her time between Colorado and Wyoming.
That's WY!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Sunday, February 17, 2019
Lucas Nelson & Promise of the Real

JacksonHoleLive is thrilled to bring the cosmic country soul and rock & roll band to Jackson on the heels of their appearance in the film, A Star is Born. Not only did Promise of the Real appear as members of Bradley Cooper’s fictional band, Nelson wrote and produced a bulk of the film’s soundtrack while working closely with Lady Gaga and Cooper.

Go to the Teton County Fair Facebook Page for a link
and Like/Follow their page while you're at it!

The Fairgrounds is the venue for the
2019 Jackson Hole Skijoring Event on January 12th & 13th
and has been great at promoting the race and
working with organizers to make your experience
as seamless, pleasant and safe as possible.

THANK YOU, Teton County Fairgrounds Staff!


The Pinedale, Wyoming race is on February 17th & 18th,
the same weekend as the Lucas Nelson concert,
so make you reservations now!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stay tuned for details on other SJUSA events that offer live music:

Skijor Butte, a part of SnoFlinga
Skijor Columbia Falls at the Blue Moon Nite Club
Pinedale Skijoring at Wind River Brewing Company
and more. . .

Skijor USA is gathering details as we speak!

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Ken "Kenny" Hilton,
Skijor USA Hall of Fame member,
is pictured in the fuzzy black and white photo above.
Does anyone else notice a striking resemblance to the model in the
"ugly Christmas sweater" and "rad ski bib" below?
The question is who is the mystery 70's cowgirl?

A full video of Kenny's skijoring run from which this screen shot was taken is at the end of the Skijor International promotional video on Vimeo.

Check it out!


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Happy Birthday to
Jill McNamara
hats off to all of our female athletes who keep in great shape skijoring!

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Catch you on the flip-side!


Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Levi, Loren, Dana, Bruce, Clay, Josh and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photos courtesy of Skijor International, LLC.