We, Skijor USA, an Alliance, are united as a community to promote our individual events, while at the same time, contributing to the visibility of our sister races, such that we raise the awareness, popularity, integrity and safety of our sport.  

We recognize that the success of each race will contribute to the overall growth of skijoring, thus promoting the growth of the sport and individual events, over time.  The Alliance will represent the interests and concerns of of riders, skiers, horses and organizers in their entirety.  Everyone will have a voice and the playing field will be equal, consistent and fair.

We will provide a viable platform through which we, as an official body overseeing the sport, will facilitate and support events that are devoid of politics and managed locally. We will ensure that riders, skiers and our “silent equine athletes” are given the best opportunity to perform at their highest level, on the safest courses, and in a fair and sportsmanlike environment.  

An “alliance” is not an ”elite” body which dictates and governs by the few.  An “alliance” is a broad and active community of people which does not require “membership” rather, it advocates participation.  It thrives on fighting for the common good and seeking common ground.

By forming a national alliance, open and accessible to all organizers and competitors, past, present and future, our focus is on accountability and consistency, thus building a healthy and sustainable environment of trust and camaraderie in which equine skijoring can flourish.