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is committed to protecting our races, our competitors, our horses
and our integrity as a non-profit corporation.

That said, there are often decisions that need to be made
that may not be what we all want or like, but are clearly correct.

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Before getting into the nitty gritty of our races,
we would like to welcome
Equis Feed
"Nutrition for Modern Day Horses"

Equis Feed is a brand of CHS, Inc., a leading energy, grain and food company owned by farmers, ranchers, cooperatives and thousands of preferred stockholders across the United States.

Equis feeds are formulated and manufactured locally in their Northwest locations of Great Falls, Montana, Harrisburg and Hermiston, Oregon, and Dickinson, North Dakota. They are proud to bring us smart equine nutrition available at an incredible value.

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Skijor USA's National Championship Finals
 in West Yellowstone, MT
on March 9th & 10th
is shaping up to be a great weekend of competition and family fun!

Special lodging rates have been arranged at the 
Holiday Inn & Grey Wolf Inn & Suites
For a rate of $99 at the Holiday Inn use Group Code: SJG
For a rate of $89 at the Grey Wolf & Suites use Promo Code: skijor

The Skijoring Event is complemented by a Dog Keg Pull, Ice Sculpting and
Live Music by Sam Platts and the Great Plainsmen.

Even though this event will determine which regional teams
become national champions,
and the race will be run as a 3D race as well
in which all teams entering for the weekend can place.
Payouts and buckles will be awarded.

Go to www.skijorwest.com for details.

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Our season has gotten off to a strong start.
Our races in Jackson Hole & Steamboat were given high marks
by the media, the towns, the sponsors, the charities and the competitors.
Our volunteers were acknowledged and want to come back!

This is what the Steamboat Pilot had to say:


Steamboat Skijoring is very excited about 2020,
and we know that the relationships formed in 2019 will only make
the event bigger and better in years to come.


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Congratulations to our Steamboat Skijoring Divisional Champions:

1D: Richard Raymer riding Cage pulling Craig Kopasz 17.34
2D; Skylar Ball riding Scout pulling Craig Kopasz 18.66
3D: Skylar Ball riding Scott pulling Duffy Counsell 19.34
1D: TJ Simmons riding Turbo pulling Jason Decker 17.13
2D: Barri Daino riding Taz pulling Hayden LaPointe 18.15
3D: John Hyde riding JR pulling Natty Hagood 19.19

Steamboat Skijoring's Overall Team Winners
1D: TJ Simmons riding Turbo pulling Jason Decker
2D: John Hyde riding JR pulling Natty Hagood
3D: Tom Chant riding #1 pulling Will Faust

Steamboat Skijoring's Overall Youth Team Winners
Barri Daino riding Taz pulling Fritz Gamber, age 7

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Our Butte race was also a success, and Helena, though postponed,
is shaping up to be another strong race in the northern division.

The Downey Family and their team
proved undaunted by the lack of snowfall
and should be congratulated on a safe, fair and well run event.

Mark LaRowe, the Last Chance Fairgrounds, and his team
are up against similar odds, but, also remain determined to go forward.
The date has been changed to February 16th & 17th.


We acknowledge and thank each and every person who is contributing to making these races successful and most importantly, safe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Some of our races have been compromised by weather conditions
or other unforeseen circumstances.

We, thus, have to make decisions that benefit the whole
and maintain the integrity of our organization.

Columbia Falls, Montana
will be postponed
as will
Kremmling, Colorado

We apologize to anyone wishing to attend these events, 
but if we cannot offer a race meeting the standards we have set forth,
we need to step back and plan a stronger race in 2020.
This is what we have decided to do in the two cases above.
(If Kremmling is able to reschedule in 2019 we will let you know!)

Tim Smead will be attending the Helena event,
Last Chance Race for the Gold
on February 16 & 17
representing his Race for Valor
as well as his charitable cause, V.A.L.O.R., which offers equine therapy
to veterans of war.
Please support Mark LaRowe and his team
as well as Tim Smead and his committee.

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On Friday night, in Kremmling, rather than having a Registration Party,
Skijor USA will be hosting a
"Gear Up for Skijor Kremmling 2020" event
at Grand Adventure Brewing Company
207 Central Avenue

We have a lot of local folks who wanted this event to happen,
so we hope they will join us for a brainstorming session
to make Kremmling's inaugural year a success.

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The Gallatin Valley Skijoring Association Event,
while not a member race,
will be counted as a points race.

Skijor USA feels that this relationship is a benefit to our community of racers
who may not be able to make some of our Skijor USA events
or have been impacted by races being postponed or cancelled.

It does not matter that Bozeman is running their race in the traditional format.
Our By-Laws state that this is permissible in 2019.
We will be calculating our points on TIME SPLITS only.
Since the tracks for Open, Sport and Novice are common, this does not
pose a problem to reconfigure the results in a 3D format and award points.
We recognize that there may be some skiers who cannot
cross over divisions, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our format is constantly under review, and while it may have
some minor flaws, it seems to be an improvement over the traditional system.
Our Advisory Committee will be meeting soon to discuss the format.
In the meantime, any constructive feedback from competitors is welcome! 

Contact us at: info@skijorusa.com

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Our Wyoming races are looking solid!
We have plenty of snow and a strong field of competitors.

Saratoga Skijoring
is on February 9th & 10th.

Registration is just about full, so if you have any interest
contact organizer Will Faust or Richard Raymer.


Pinedale Skijoring at Pinedale Winter Carnival
is on February 17th & 18th.
(Sunday & Monday)
John Hyde is working closely with Leah, Monte,
and the Main Street Pinedale Team to put on a great event!

Go to this link for more info about Winter Carnival & Skijoring:


Click on this link to register:
(Sport Horses are needed)


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Levi Downey has decided to step down as SJUSA Treasurer citing a conflict of interest since he and his family members both compete and organize races.

Here is his statement:

“I have come the realization that with my family being a part of this sport in many different facets including race organizer and competitors that I should not be in any position of authority within the organization.”

Mark & Loren have initiated the process of identifying candidates for board positions and may expand the board to 5 members
by spring or summer, if possible.

We thank Levi for his service and extraordinary commitment of time, resources and valuable insight.  He makes the sport better and safer for us all and conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and integrity throughout his time as Council Member.  As a race organizer for Skijor Butte,
Levi will remain an important voice in our community along with his wife, Corie.

We wish him and his family all the best
and will continue to value and respect their contributions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Our friends north of the border at
have changed their date to 
February 16th
due to snow conditions.
(We know how that feels!)

Let's support Skijor Canada and Skijordue as much as possible.
The international flavor of this sport is a valuable aspect.

Go to www.skijorcanada.com for more info.

Skijordue will be raising funds for
Prairie Skies Equine Assisted Therapy
as stated at the end of Alanna Nolan's television interview.

If you haven't seen the interview, it's GREAT and here is the link: 


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We are happy to report that Steven dePalma of

Veteran Barn Door Project
was able to make some important connections while in Colorado.
As a result, the equine therapy program may be hosting new clinics in the
Steamboat, Yampa and Meeker areas.

SJUSA, on behalf of Steamboat Skijoring, will be making a donation 
to Veteran Barn Door Project
in addition to the checks they collected directly at the event.

Mountain Valley Horse Rescue

will also be receiving funds raised at the Steamboat Skijoring event,
and Sunny Winn's Go Fund Me campaign will reach its goal
as the result of her church's contribution to the event.
The Steamboat Christian Center
greeted visitors warmly at the gate where they sold 
homemade cookies and dog biscuits.  
Through the generosity of Pastor Jeff Sublett and driver, Cody Iacovetto,
a shuttle service was provided for hotel guests and
Courtney Diehl, DVM,
of Mountain Vet kept our horses safe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We would once again like to thank 
Kevin & Chris Sherrod,
at whose ranch the event was hosted.
We hope that Lacey sold enough raffle tickets for the
Steamboat Springs High School Rodeo!

We would also like to thank
Shari Yeager
for her contribution on the track as a volunteer and
Bobby Yeager for his Pioneer Materials sponsorship.
We hope the Yeager family, and others in the Steamboat
ranching community, will be a part of our 2020 race!

We would also like to thank the
FM Light & Sons family
for supporting us and helping to organize and market the event locally.
We look forward to continuing our successful partnership!

Honey Stinger,
a locally based company, and SJUSA national sponsor,
donated waffles which filled many a tummy with natural goodness and
kept our competitors on top of their game!  
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Loren, Dana, Bruce, Clay, Josh and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photos courtesy of Mark LaRowe Photography & Skijor Canada