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Skijor USA, is off to an impressive start,
and we are hitting' our stride at an explosive pace!

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have proven that when there's a will, there's a way.
Organizers and their teams pulled all stops and tapped all resources
to ensure that their events went on as planned.
We applaud all of those who achieved success both on and off the course.

Congratulations to our Jackson Hole Divisional Champions:
1D: Richard Raymer riding Jack pulling Natty Hagood
2D; Kayla Teichert riding Doc pulling Spencer Harkins
3D: Richard Raymer riding Cage pulling Bill Adams
1D: John Hyde riding Hildago pulling Bill Adams
2D: Kayla Teichert riding Doc pulling Natty Hagood
3D: Dave Teichert riding Sundance pulling Skye Garnick

Jackson Hole Skijoring's Overall Team Winner
Richard Raymer riding Jack pulling Natty Hagood

Jackson Hole Skijoring's Overall Youth Team Winners
Cydnie Clark riding Donkey pulling Davis Sebald
Ellie Tolson riding Hank pulling James Tolson

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Congratulations to our Skijor Butte Divisional Champions:
1D: Corie Downey riding Lucky pulling Cam Fraser
2D: Josh Abbott riding Flash pulling RJ Klotz
3D: Kristy McKay riding Elly pulling Brinton Barry
1D: Corie Downey riding Lucky pulling Cam Fraser
2D: CR Kunesh riding Ringo pulling Ryan Griffen
3D: Josh Abbott riding Flash pulling RJ Klotz

Skijor Butte's Overall Team Winners
1D: Corie Downey riding Lucky pulling Cam Fraser
2D: Corie Downey riding Moolah pulling Cam Fraser
3D: Mike Frederickson riding ? pulling Ryan Griffen

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We have exciting news!
Gallatin Valley Skijoring Association
aka The Montana Classic Skijoring Race in Bozeman
on February 2nd & 3rd
has decided to enter their race in our SJUSA Triple Cross Points Series.

Their track and rules & regs meet all of our criteria,
so we are happy to include them so that competitors have 
yet another race in the Northern Division at which to earn points.

Go to: 
for more details.

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Don't register for an event without nominating your team for points!
Teams and regions MUST be declared before the start
of a race weekend to count.

Competitors like
Josh Abbott, RJ Klotz, Corie Downey, Cam Fraser, Ebbie Hansen,
Chet Cook, Ryan Griffen and Mackenzie Gifford
have thrown their hats in the ring in the north
and teams are quickly forming this weekend at Steamboat in the south.
Our central races are also gaining traction and forming teams.
We figured we'd let the anticipation build rather than tell all just yet!
At just $30 per team, don't miss out on a chance to compete
at the National Championship Finals
on March 9th & 10th.

This is the real McCoy!

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Like when the "thinking' man's" Poker game came onto the scene
in the early 1900's and proved so popular it went to Vegas,

the SJUSA 3D Format is proving its worth,
and is dealing the skijoring community a winning hand!

There is no longer ambiguity or guess work
when it comes to teams "declaring" their divisions
because our time splits place teams in a self-selecting order.

Our Corporate Council will be consulting with our Advisory Committee
next week to review the results of our first few races, and as an organization,
Skijor USA may suggest our races expand to a 4D format because
we wish to acknowledge as many novice teams as possible.
This would not affect our point series, however.

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Skijor USA takes our race in Steamboat Springs, Colorado very seriously
 because we feel that being part of a 100 year tradition that builds upon Steamboat's Winter Carnival is a privilege.

We are grateful to FM Light, a family and company which built and fought for their business with "true western grit" over four generations,
for spearheading our event in many ways
and to many other local sponsors for stepping up to support our race.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This weekend, Skijor USA spent considerable time at another 
Steamboat Springs tradition, the Cowboy Downhill,
and will soon announce some new recruits
from the national rodeo circuit!

Skijor USA partied with our own Miss Rodeo Montana, 
Kayla Seaman,
as well as Brittany Leafe
Billy Kidd gave Steamboat Skijoring the thumbs up!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Given all of the above, it is only fitting
that Steamboat Skijoring should take place on a historic ranch,
so we also thank Kevin & Chris Sherrod of Steamboat for having faith in us.

Our team registration is now open for Steamboat Skijoring
on January 26th & 27th.


Please contact Cregan Ortner at (970) 471-1592 or
to arrange for boarding horses.
(She is the event liaison for Routt County Fairgrounds.)

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In addition to the
Veteran Barn Door Project
Mountain Valley Horse Rescue,

the Steamboat event will be supporting two young girls,
whose parents are active members of our Colorado Skijoring community,
in their fundraising ambitions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunny, the daughter of Courtney Diehl, a very well respected and talented equine veterinarian, wishes to go to Haiti on a mission
with her church, the Steamboat Christian Center.

They will bring school supplies, clothing and medicine to those in need and are coordinating their efforts with a local church group in Haiti and planting fruit trees to memorialize their commitment to each other and their cause.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lacey, the daughter of Kevin & Chris Sherrod, at whose ranch the event
is being hosted, will be selling raffle tickets for the
Steamboat Springs High School Rodeo.

If coming to be a part of the action at Steamboat Skijoring isn't enough,
supporting these young ladies and their causes should be!

Go to
for more details.

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Put your hands in the air (and clap!)

On February 2nd & 3rd,
Kremmling, Colorado is going to be a race in "Grand" style!

Many folks don't realize that Kremmling, Colorado has a history of skijoring
(which Loren is digging into)
so that the Grand County town that proudly calls itself
Untapped.  Untamed.
can take its place in skijoring history and start to make modern history as well.

The Kremmling event will be at the Middle Park Fair & Rodeo venue.
Members of Skijor USA's Corporate Council and Advisory Committee visited
the site last week, and agree is the perfect place for an event.
The footing is solid and consistent for horses, the snow is plentiful,
 and the spectator area is covered and comfortable.

Many of our Steamboat, Kremmling and Saratoga competitors may do a
with two consecutive weekends of skijoring competition
only 50 to 125 miles apart!

Skijor Kremmling will benefit local charities such as the local youth rodeo.
Sponsors, lodging options and post-racing events will be announced shortly.
Horse boarding will be provided on site and free of charge to competitors.

Our website, Skijor Kremmling, will be up and running tomorrow!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ HOLDING STRONG ~
Skijor USA is holding up our end of the bargain
by having monthly Corporate Council Meetings and
promptly posting our Minutes on our website.

Our next meeting is set for Thursday, January 24, 2019.

We will be having another Advisory Committee meeting
before the end of January as well. 

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Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Levi, Loren, Dana, Bruce, Clay, Josh and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photos courtesy of Mark LaRowe Photography & Skijor USA