March 23, 2018

We are excited to announce that we are central to, but not acting alone in, ushering in a new Skijor Alliance for the 2018-2019 season.
The Alliance's purpose will be to lead skijoring through its next evolutionary phase and create a positive wave of change necessitated by our continued growth.  We believe that the current climate is inconsistent, lacks transparency and is failing the skijoring community so a transition from one organization to another is natural at times like these.  As a community, we need a healthy environment in which to grow and expand, and a facilitating body that is event-centric, well structured, firm in their leadership role and non-prejudicial yet innovative in its approach.  

Thus, as a team, we will be putting forth initiatives for national sponsorships, a comprehensive yet flexible event insurance program, an optional 4D racing format and regional competitions with a modified point system designed with the welfare of competitors and their horses in mind.  It will reward quality, not quantity, and allow teams to qualify regionally for a National Championship.

This Alliance will serve to align us as a community.  It will promote our individual events, maintaining their autonomy, while at the same time contributing to the visibility of our sister races, such that we raise the awareness, popularity, integrity and safety of our sport overall.  It will represent the interests and concerns of the community of riders, skiers, horses and organizers in their entirety.  Currently, 1.5% of human competitors represent Youth, 33.5% make up Novice, 60% comprise Sport and 5% are in Open.
In 2019, everyone will have a voice and the playing field will be more equal. 

A formal announcement is expected to be made shortly.