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Whether you are talking about two Styling Montana Cowgirls
or two Wild and Woolly Wyoming Cowboys

Triple Cross Pro Skijoring always brings
the Best of the Wild, Wild West

get ready for
on March 9th and 10th, 2019
where the best teams comprised of horse, rider and skier
from each of our three regions
will compete for a year end title!

Skijor USA Corporate Council Members, Loren & Mark,
traveled to West Yellowstone yesterday
to meet with over a dozen key players to "seal the deal" and sign on the dotted line.  This concluded approximately three months of preparation, communication and negotiation.
Skijor USA will be working closely with experienced event promoter,
Brian Giordano from Boulder, MT,
the Town of West Yellowstone,
and the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce.

West Yellowstone has a long track record of hosting several high profile and successful winter events.  
Triple Cross Pro Skijoring is now a part of their 2019 winter line up!
The 1st Annual Skijor USA National Championship Finals Race will be held the weekend subsequent to
the 40th Annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Cross-County Ski Race
and prior to the 29th Annual Snowmobile Expo.

While the highest qualifying point-earning teams from each region will compete for the Skijor USA National Championship, all competitors are welcome to participate in the race weekend.  There will be two separate pools of money; one for the qualifying championship teams and another one for all other competitors.  So, it will pay and award like a regular circuit race with the national championship payouts calculated separately.  

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The Skijor USA Regions are:


Helena, MT ~ January 5 & 6
Butte, MT ~ January 19 & 20
Polson, MT ~ February 16 & 17
Wisdom, MT ~ February 23 & 24


Jackson Hole, WY ~ January 26 & 27
Soldier Hollow, UT ~ February 1 & 2


Steamboat Springs, CO ~ January 12 & 13
Pagosa Springs, CO ~ January 19 & 20
Saratoga, WY ~ February 9 & 10
Gunnison, CO ~ February 16 & 17

Our Central Region will be expanding shortly!
Races, both old and new, are welcome to contact us at
if they wish to join our exciting 2019 series!

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So to all the Stylin' Fashionistas and
Wild and Woolly cowboys and skiers out there,
start to consider which teams you will be entering,
declare your region, and mark your calendars
with the 2019 races you will attend.

There will be a $50 fee per competitor, per team,
the horses will not be charged,
and remember
a rider cannot ride the same horse for points
even with a different skier.

This is NOT a membership
and no additional charges or obligations
other than your pledge to adhere to
SJUSA rules & regs
(as well as local race rules)
will be required to compete.

The sportsmanlike conduct and humane treatment of each other as well as
our equine team members is something we believe
our community wishes to embrace fully.
Should testing be carried out and subsequent infractions occur,
we believe they should be handled on a local race level
with the full support and cooperation of SJUSA.
A more detailed statement on our policies on drug use, both human and equine, will be outlined in the coming months.
Suffice it to say, that we feel if horses are to be subjected to random tests, so should humans; after all, how can a human who is impaired or drugged themselves at a race be trusted to treat his/her horse or human team mate responsibly, and if they are, should that person be entitled to winnings?

Why single out the horse?
Horse. Rider. Skier.
Think about it.

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Race Delegates will be announced shortly. 
An Organizers' Summit is planned for Friday, July 15th.
This is our chance to welcome all race organizers
and event planners new to skijoring!
It is great to see how our sport is expanding
and the new talent it is attracting on
an organizational level!

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Ryan Kennedy

a beautiful and talented Canadian equestrian
participated in today's parade at the Calgary Stampede
and was interviewed with several other women
about modern west fashion

Sam Mitchell & Company

will be participating in side saddle racing this Saturday and Sunday at the Calgary Stampede.  This is the first time this equestrian discipline will be featured in 106 years of the world renowned event!  The Alberta women will be dressed to the hilt as they show off their skills!

SJUSA is proud to know these women who take such pride in both their country and their horsemanship.  Thanks for being part of our skijoring community!
We can't wait to hear about your 2019 events north of the border! 

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Some basic guidelines:

We will have four categories
Rider, Skier, Equine & Contributor/Influencer
which will include anyone who has made a mark on our sport!
Nominations will be accepted
beginning in September and continuing through February.
The more information provided, the better so do your research!
Our Advisory Committee and Corporate Council will determine the inductees
with the help of a three person Hall of Fame Committee. 

One inductee per category will be selected annually.
The induction ceremony will take place at the
Championship Finals in March.

You will be able to view a submission form
and the criteria for nominating future inductees
next week as we are still finalizing it. 

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According to a recent report from Utah,
"Sixty wildfires are burning nationwide. They've scorched nearly 1,286 square miles, according to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise." 
Colorado has dedicated more resources, both human and economic, to fighting fires this year than ever before in the state's history.  According to Laura des Palmes, of Silverton, the fire in southern Colorado is being managed so that it will not harm towns and residences, but it will be allowed to burn in open areas until it, most likely, joins yet another fire burning in an adjacent area.  Many fires are being caused by human negligence.  Money is being raised for victims of the Weston Pass Fire in Park County near Fairplay, Colorado of which JJ Swirka and her family is one, since all hay fields in the area have burned up.

To donate, go to:

Thank you for your ongoing votes of confidence as we strive to take
Triple Cross Pro Skijoring to the next level.


Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Levi, Loren, Dana, Terry, Bruce, Clay and Jerry
Your SJUSA Qualifying Races

Photo courtesy of Mark LaRowe Photography © 2018 Rider: Thomas Finley Skier: Chase Fuller
Additional photos courtesy of Loren Zhimanskova © 2018 Skijor International