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is proud to share in the beautiful tradition
of equine skijoring
practiced for over a century around the world.

As part of this rich string of cultures, 
where in most cases skijoring is a sport much older than our own, 
in the process of blazing our own trail, we also respect what others teach us. 

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While most of you already know that Skijor USA
is an organization that builds straight tracks for our events,
some of you may not realize that this is a standard that we have
adopted which is based both on common sense and the principles of physics. 

Our global counterparts have followed the same principles for over a century and continue to work to keep track safety a top priority.
The Swiss run their event on a full oval race track, so while it is curved, the horses do not lose footing even though they are running on a snow-covered frozen lake.  Saint Moritz had challenges with too much snow this year,
while our Montana races have been challenged with too little.

Weather and snow will be a variable that will forever be a factor,
but regardless of this, proper track preparation and design are key elements
of keeping our sport "on track" to grow and succeed.

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At our National Finals Championship, in West Yellowstone,
an exhibit on the history of equine skijoring will clearly demonstrate in illustrations and photographs that
our sport has been practiced for over a century running horses
straight or along a very gentle curve,
on unpaved boulevards of old,
on tracks built in Western hayfields and Eastern lawns and commons,
on frozen lakes and trails through alpine forests.

We believe that this is, in part, why skijoring has lasted for such a long period and has continued to grow. 

Our primary goal is to keep our horses and the human athletes that
they carry and pull safe, and track design is the first ingredient in this process.

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The Chinese zodiac cycles every twelve years,
so the year of the horse is not until 2026.

This may turn out to be a momentous year for equine skijoring
as Skijor USA and Skijor International
work to bring our sport into the spotlight at the Winter Olympic Games.

However, Skijor USA would like to declare EVERY year
the Year of the Horse for our sport.
Without these majestic, talented and giving silent athletes
our sport would have no voice and no wings on which to fly.

At many equine events, the horse is given public recognition
as awards are presented.
We are considering fully adopting this tradition at our future races.

In the meantime, we are asking that riders provide us and our announcers
not only with the names of your horses, which is customary,
but also breed, age and other special qualities you
would like us to share with our audience.

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The Skijor USA National Championship Finals
is just over four weeks away!

The Town of West Yellowstone
and its
Chamber of Commerce
are VERY excited to be hosting a skijoring event for the first time,
and Brian Giordano of Skijor West has been working very hard to make the event a resounding success.

Now we need your commitment to help us show the world what a 
special sport we have to showcase on March 9th & 10th.

Please contact us with any questions and register NOW.
Skijor West is offering special hotel rates to competitors as well as a
prize pot that will knock your socks off.
The event will be attended by teams of competitors who have nominated
for points and qualified to run for a national divisional title,
but it is ALSO open to ALL competitors as a regular seasonal race.
This 3D race will have its own awards and prize pot
paying both day money and overall.

Write to us at:

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February 9th & 10th

February 16th & 17th

February 17th & 18th

February 22nd & 23rd

February 23rd & 24th

Our line up of races over the next four weekends is strong!
Thank you for supporting our events as enthusiastically as you do!

Online pre-registration has come a long way in the past few years and
we thank everyone for signing up in advance of "night before" registration.
This helps us recruit enough riders, horses or skiers at the right levels to ensure
that those wishing to participate have a proper teammate.

2019 has already brought us many new recruits to our sport,
and we thank BOTH those experienced competitors willing to mentor
these newcomers as well as the rookies who are so eager to learn!

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Our "experimental" 3D Format is proving
very popular
very effective.

Results of the first four points races,
Jackson, Butte, Steamboat and Bozeman
are be posted on our website very soon.
Go to: www.skijorusa.com
to see how this new system works successfully.

In 2020, our Advisory Committee is evaluating expanding to a 4D Format
so that the newcomers mentioned above have a better
chance at winning and recognition as well.

The more athletes and teams we have, the more races we can support,
and the more exposure our sport will get nationwide.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Skijor USA is proud to support races that
may not be affiliated with any organization but
stand alone as excellent examples of our sport.

February 9th

The Somerset Snowfest at the Eaton Mountain Ski Area
is this Saturday!
We LOVE that skijoring has returned to the Northeast where
our sport was first introduced to the United States
at the Lake Placid Resort and Dartmouth Winter Carnival circa 1915.

Go to:
for more information.

Please send pics!

February 16th

Our friends Reggie Gaylord and Steve Lenz are still co-piloting
a GREAT event during the Sundance Winter Carnival.
The 5th annual skijoring event is coupled with a
Barstool Race and Wild Horse & Tube Race.
Divisions for skijoring include:
Young Guns, Classic Guns, Collector Guns, Gurly Guns & Outlaw (Boarder)
in addition to the traditional Open Category.

The event takes place on a main street in front of the legendary
Longhorn Bar & Grill.

Please Donate to Keep the Sundance Winter Festival Thrilling & Chilling
by finding the button at

February 16th & 17th

Everyone is thrilled to have the iconic Silverton Skijoring race back!

This year will be their largest purse ever, $10,000!
They are adding a "Fat Boy" Division
for "slightly older and slower horses, riders and skiers" 
which will be awarding a jackpot prize and, of course, "bragging rights".
Only $10 to enter the "Fat Boy" competition, so get out of that recliner and put down the remote and do some skijoring in Silverton!
Silverton is also accepting donations
which are well deserved given that they, sadly, had to take a year off.


February 23rd

Extreme Events MN will be hosting their 2nd annual skijoring event
which includes an Extreme Freestyle Division!
This was highly popular in 2018, so organizer, Ted Slather, is bringing it back!

If you don't recall, the event was featured in the December 2018
issue of Horse Illustrated with text and photography by the talented
Shelley Paulson
Skijor USA is hoping to send Shelley back as an official writer/photographer to record another action-packed day!


March 2nd & 3rd

No list of skijoring events is complete without Leadville Skijoring
the Daddy of 'em All.
Leadville continues to be the grandest stage and the oldest race.
Out of respect for this distinction, Skijor USA has chosen not to schedule
any races on the same weekend in 2019.
Leadville is a homecoming for many, a tradition for die hards, a coming of age for newbies, and most importantly, a chance to honor the memory of
Jody Manly, the Godfather of Skijoring.

Leadville's contribution to our sport is unique from its setting at 10,000 feet overlooking the majestic Collegiate Range as competitors run the gauntlet between historic buildings on either side of Harrison Avenue.

Their awards ceremony has become notorious for its traditional acknowledgments as well as tongue-in-cheek prizes
which show we can all laugh at ourselves.

See you in Leadville!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



February 3rd, 10th & 17th

This Sunday will be the second in a string of three Sundays during which horses will run on the frozen lake of Saint Moritz.
An event begun in 1907, so this is the 112th year!
White Turf attracts horses, competitors and spectators from around the world.  
The event includes racing with jockeys, chariots and skijoring with the skier reining the horse from behind and racing side by side.

For a GREAT video recap in which you can see skijoring race and hear interviews with the skiers, CLICK HERE:

This year a new Pony Race was added.
Photos have been posted on Skijor International's Facebook Page.

White Turf offers a Live Feed, so set your alarm early this Sunday
and tune in for a spectacular treat!



February 16th

Sam Mitchell and her Skijor Canada Team
continue to raise the bar and stir the fondue pot!
They are putting a new, fresh and FUN face on our sport
from fashion forward trends to new race formats like sprint, relay
and yes, lounge races!

Thank you, Skijordue, for thinking outside the box, breaking down the barriers and doing what Canadians do best, celebrating life!



Last month, the long standing tradition of skijoring,
or ski-skiring,
continued in the Tatra Mountains or Podhale Region of southern Poland.
For anyone unfamiliar with this area, we encourage you to explore it online.
It is magnificent with breathtaking mountain terrain, extraordinary Highlander culture and a rice heritage of equestrian sport.
Skijor International recently posted photos taken by Bartłomiej Jurecki at recent events. 
Check out his stunning portraits of local elders at:

This will give you a WHOLE new perspective on where skijoring originated. 

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Corporate Council Tuesday, Feb 26th
Advisory Committee Wednesday, Feb 27th
Organizers' Summit Thursday, Feb 28th
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Your Team at Skijor USA
Mark, Loren, Dana, Bruce, Clay, Josh and Jerry
Your SJUSA Member Race Delegates

Photos courtesy of White Turf, Bartłomiej Jurecki & Skijor Canada