Minutes of Corporate Council Meeting March 26, 2019

In attendance:

Loren Zhimanskova, Chair

Mark LaRowe, Vice-Chair

Conference call commenced at 5:45 PM Mountain Time.


General recap of Skijor West / Skijor USA National Championship Finals.  Over all, a success.  Meeting will be scheduled with Brian Giordano, to discuss 2019 event and moving on to 2020. 

Tax exempt status officially approved by IRS.  SJUSA in receipt of official letter.  Status will be posted on IRS website shortly.  Non-profit/tax exempt status effective as of June 2019. 


Mark and Loren agreed that a detailed accounting through March 2019 will be prepared asap.  Mark motioned, Loren seconded. 

Business related reimbursements will be distributed upon production of receipts/credit card statements depending on availability of funds and upon Corporate Council approval.  Loren motioned, Mark seconded.

Remaining accounts receivable/payable for 2019 will be addressed by Mark and Loren.  Loren motioned.  Mark seconded.

Final newsletter of the season has been approved.  Monthly newsletters will ensue.  Loren motioned.  Mark seconded. 

Advisory Committee meeting will be called to discuss the 2020 season after a brief hiatus which everyone needs.  Mark motioned.  Loren seconded. 

Conference call ended at 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time.