Minutes of Corporate Council Meeting February 26, 2019

The Meeting was conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order as per SJUSA By-Laws

Meeting was Called to Order at 4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

In Attendance via Conference Call:

Loren Zhimanskova, Chair

Mark LaRowe, Vice-Chair

No Previous Minutes, Officer’s Reports or Committee Reports were read

Special Orders were according to the Agenda as follows:

The Corporate Council called a meeting of the Advisory Committee to discuss the 3D Format, running same teams twice a day, start area configurations, equipment requirements and enforcement, points nomination for 2020, and incentives for SJUSA competitor affiliation. It was suggested that the Hall of Fame Committee members, Tony Fox, Kitty LeDonne and Paul Copper also be invited. The meeting is scheduled at 4:45 PM on 3/6/19. Motion made by Loren, seconded by Mark.

No unfinished business or new business was discussed.

No announcements were made.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM Mountain Standard Time