Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why is Skijor USA (SJUSA) using a 3D Format?

A - The 3D format was selected for several reasons. First, it provides a similar three-class format to the traditional Open/Sport/Novice system. Second, it eliminates the need for competitors to estimate their team’s level of skill. Their race times will naturally dictate which “division” they fall into, and are fairly measured against teams with similar levels of skill.

Q - Does SJUSA require a membership?

A - SJUSA does not sell memberships. All competitors are welcome to compete at SJUSA races at no charge with the exception of local race registration fees. They are also welcome to compete at non-SJUSA races, but if nominating for points, points cannot be accrued outside of the SJUSA race series.

Q - Does SJUSA have a championship format?

A - Yes, SJUSA offers a regionally-based championship format. Qualifying teams from each region (Northern, Central, and Southern) will be invited to compete in a true playoff style two-day championship format during the last race of the year, the Skijor West/SJUSA National Championship Finals in West Yellowstone, MT during the weekend of March 8th, 9th and 10th.

Q - How are regional champions declared in the event of a tie for points over the best of 4 race days?

A - SJUSA will break ties by evaluating times at common races. The fastest time is awarded the higher place. Alternatively, the team with less penalties will be awarded the better status.

Q - How do teams qualify for the National Championship Finals?

A - Teams wishing to compete for the National Championship must nominate themselves so that points can be earned and accumulated during the regular season races in each region. Teams must declare a “home” region in which their points will accumulate. Teams are allowed to compete at races outside of their home region, but championship points can only be earned with the declared “home” region. Qualifying teams will then advance to the finals.

Q - Is there a cost to “nominate” for points?

A - Yes. Each team nominated will require a $30.00 fee to be paid to SJUSA. The fees will be used to fund a national championship prize pot and manage associated administrative costs.

Q - Is the Skijor West National Champions Finals open only to teams that qualify for the National Championship Finals race?

A - No. All teams are welcome to compete at the Skijor West race. This event will be run like a regular season race with its own prize pot and Skijor West buckles. The limited pool of national championship qualifiers will compete for a separate prize pot and National Championship Finals buckles donated and designed specifically for SJUSA’s National Champions by Tres Rios Silver. The top team (rider/skier) in each of the three “D”s will win prize money and a buckle. A traveling Tiffany & Company trophy will also be presented to the winning 1D team.

Q - How does a team qualify for the National Championship Finals?

A - Each day of a regular season race counts as an opportunity to earn points. Points are earned by the top 10 finishes in each of the three “D”s. 10 points is awarded for a first place finish, down to 1 point for a 10th point finish. SJUSA will count the top four finishes during the regular season from each nominated team. The top five points-accumulating teams will qualify for the National championship Finals pool.

Q - Are the points earned at the National Championship Finals different from those earned during the rest of the season?

A - Championship Finals contenders only, will vie for points at the Finals. The points earned on each of the two days will be added to the regular season points for each team to determine the National Champions in each “D”. Non-championship qualifying teams will be evaluated by time only, to determine their finish place in the open 3D race. Points will be awarded each day by the following method: 1st - 15points, 2nd - 13.5 points, 3rd - 12 points, 4th - 10.5 points, 5th - 9 points, 6th - 7.5 points, 7th - 6 points, 8th - 4.5 points, 9th - 3 points, 10th - 1.5 points.

Q - How many teams will qualify for the National Championship Finals in each region and how will ties for points be addressed?

A- At this time, the top five (5) teams from each “D” and region will qualify for the National Championship Finals. Ties will be broken by using the fastest time at the most recent common race. This will result in fifteen (15) teams per region, and 45 overall, qualifying for the National Championship Finals race. This may be re-evaluated by SJUSA and the Advisory Committee on February 19, 2019 once it is determined how many total teams have nominated for points and once more date is collected.

Q - If there is a tie for points between teams at the finals, how will this tie be broken?

A - A tie is broken by combining the times from both days for the tied teams, and the winner is determined by the fastest of the two combined runs. If there is still a tie, then the team with the lesser amount of penalties will achieve the higher status.