Minutes of Corporate Council Meeting April 22, 2019

In attendance:

Loren Zhimanskova, Chair

Mark LaRowe, Vice-Chair

Conference call commenced at 5:45 PM Mountain Time.


General recap of Profit/Loss 2019.  

Reviewed Wells Fargo account.  Mark submitted expenses for Skijor West to be reimbursed to him personally.  Calcutta Permit Fee.  $25 and Course Grooming Fee $187.50.

Follow up on money owed by several race venues.  

Loren will call Utah and Mark will call Wisdom.   

Follow up on buckles for Jackson Youth division.  Loren provided Mark with names and addresses of recipients. 

Follow up on Pinedale Overall Buckle recipients.  Mark is ordering and shipping asap. 

No Agenda.  No Votes. 

Conference call ended at 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time.